Energy Efficiency Advice

Want to do your bit towards a greener, carbon-neutral future? Your new smart meter and the in-home display are the keys to unlocking a more energy-efficient home

Great ways to save energy

When they go, change your bulbs to LEDs and switch them off when you leave the room (dad was right!)

Use a smart thermostat to control your heating (lowering it by 1°C can feel like a minimal chance but can make a real difference)

Make changes to prevent heat from escaping from your home. From insulating your roof, installing double glazing, to drawing curtains at night, and making sure radiators aren't blocked by furniture

Switch off devices on 'standby mode' and unplug changers that are not in use

Load test: Turn all of your appliances off and make a note of how much energy is costing you per hour (on your fancy new in-home display). Turn on an appliance and see what that number changes to. This is what that appliance costs per hour to run. Older appliance can be replaced with energy-efficient options, when their time comes

Don't over fill your kettle - only boil what you will use

Find plenty more advice and tips from our friends at the Energy Saving Trust and Smart Energy GB 

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