Electric Vehicle Charging for Home and Work

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Electric cars : cleaner and more convenient

Having an electric vehicle (EV) means you can drive a great car, loaded with innovation with zero tailpipe emissions. And, with a 100% battery EV, you’ll never need to fill up with petrol. Access to an EV charger - at home or at work - means you can make the most of the most convenient, and low-cost energy tariffs, created with the EV driver in mind. 

Getting an EV charging point installed at home means you’ll be able to plug in overnight, every night, and ensure your electric vehicle is always topped up. Smart chargepoints mean are able to charge at the best times for you; whether that’s when electricity is cheapest, or even when it’s greenest. We'll help you find the right charger, and get it installed quickly and efficiently.

Access to EV chargers at your workplace means you can plug in while you’re at work. If you’re on the road a lot, this means it’s a great opportunity to top up between trips. Or, you can keep your car topped up while you're in the office all day. We can get the best EV charging set up for your business, for your staff and your customers.

Octopus Energy Services have got the expertise and experience to install your electric vehicle charger at home or at your workplace

Whether your car is all-electric, a plug in hybrid, or any other type of plug in vehicle, we can install the right charger for your home.

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Every business is different. That’s why our team of experts will work with you to choose the right EV charging solution for your workplace.

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Where to start with electric vehicles

If you're looking to get an electric car, but don't know where to start, check out Octopus Electric Vehicles. Their EV experts will help demystify the world of electric cars, answer all your questions, and find a great deal on the right car for you.

If you’re thinking bigger, and want your business fleet to go electric, talk to Octopus Electric Vehicles. Their EV experts can advise on the most cost-effective ways of getting electric cars for your staff. This could include setting up a salary sacrifice programme for your company, which takes advantage of low benefit in kind rates for electric vehicles.


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