In-Home Display IHD3

A quick glance at your display tells you how much energy you're using and what it's costing you.

Energy Usage Dial - see your energy use at a glance - low (green), medium (amber) or high (red)

Numeric Display - see your energy usage and costs in numbers

Budget Indicator - the Budget line indicates your personally set budget

Electricity Now Lights - see your electricity use right now as low (green), medium (amber) or high (red)

Control Buttons - control your in-home display; view different information and functions

Text Display - displays text feedback, messages and prompts

On screen tutorial 

Your in-home device has a handy built-in tutorial. Our installers often use this to show you how to use the device. If you ever need a reminder, follow these simple steps:

Press OK - The screen should show Account Information [OK]

Keep pressing the right arrow until the screen displays Tutorial [OK]

Press OK 

Follow the on-screen prompts to walk through the tutorial

To exit the tutorial at any point, just press the Home button.

Control Buttons

Use the touch buttons to control your in-home display and find out how and when you're using energy in your home: ​

HOME - go to the home screen

This shows today's energy use so far. If you're on a prepayment tariff, you will see the remaining available credit balance. (see "smart-pay" for more).

NOW - see the electricity you are using right now

FUEL - Select gas or electricity and see your energy use by fuel type or the combined total.

CALENDAR - You can choose to see your energy SO FAR TODAY, THIS WEEK, THIS MONTH or THIS YEAR. Use the left arrow to go back through your usage history.

MENU / OK - Press MENU/OK to access settings such as budget, language, screen brightness. Pressing MENU/OK also selects an option.

ARROWS - Use the left and right arrows to scroll through the options. Press MENU / OK again to select an option.

Energy Usage Dial

The energy usage dial lets you see instantly if your electricity usage is low, medium or high. You can view this as electricity used: right now, so far today, this week, this month or this year.

Low is green

Medium is amber

High is red

Electricity Now Lights

The coloured lights at the bottom of the display show your electricity use right now as either low, medium and high. So if the kids have switched all the lights on and the tumble dryer's spinning round, you'll be able to tell at a glance. 

Tailored over time

Your in-home display will initially compare your energy usage against a medium sized household. However, it will "learn" your typical usage over time and adjust to reflect low, medium and high use for your individual household.

Setting your budget 

You can set a budget to help you stay on track with how much you spend on energy. 

  • Press <Menu / OK>

  • Go to <Settings>

  • Select <Set Budget> 

  • Press <Menu / OK>

  • Use the arrows to set your budget

  • Change your fuel type and preferred time period (day, week, month) and view your budget in £s.

You can now easily keep track of your budget by checking the energy usage dial on your home screen. You will hear an alarm when you exceed your budget. You can turn this on or off in the Settings menu.

You can experiment with the time period of your budget. If you set a monthly budget, see what that means to your daily cost and what your annual savings could be.

Getting the most out of your device

Your in-home display can help you understand how, when and where you use energy in your home. You can make informed choices about how to be more energy-efficient and save money.

As your in-home display has a built-in rechargeable battery and connects wirelessly to your smart meter, you can walk around your home and investigate what your appliances cost to run and where you can make savings. Generally, you'll find that things containing a heating element can be more expensive to run: tumble dryers and fan heaters for example. But don't just take our word for it, you've now got all the tools you need to check it out yourself.

Press the NOW button to see your instant electricity use. Turn each appliance on and off and see how much your costs change. You can determine approximately how much electricity each appliance uses.

We have a really helpful video with energy-saving tips here. Well worth 2 minutes of your time.

Smart pay as you go

If you're on a prepayment tariff you can use the extra smart prepay features of your in-home display:

  • see your available credit in pounds and pence

  • add credit directly to your prepayment meter

  • receive an alert when your credit is low

  • apply emergency credit (ask us if this is available)

  • view your top-up payment history

  • reconnect your electricity supply if you have been cut off 

To view your available credit: 

Press the HOME button 

This will show you the balance on your meter 

If you have both gas and electricity meters, you will see the meter with the lowest balance

Low Credit Reminder

Your in-home display will remind you to top up when you meter balance is running low. An alert will sound and the "low credit" symbol will appear on your display.

To activate emergency credit: 

If you have an emergency credit service with your prepayment meter, your in-home display will let you know when emergency credit is available. 

Press MENU/OK 

Scroll through to "Emergency credit"

Press OK

Your in-home display will show "Emergency credit selected"

You can track the remaining meter balance again on the home screen.

Reconnecting your electricity supply if you're cut off due to no credit: 

If you use all of your available credit, your supply may be cut off. Once you've topped up your credit you can reconnect your electricity supply from your in-home device:

From the HOME screen

Scroll through to "enable electricity supply"

Press OK

Toggle to "yes"

Press OK

Your top-up history - View your last 5 top-ups

You can view your last five top ups for reference.


From the HOME screen 

Use the arrows to scroll to "Account information"

Press OK

Select "Previous top ups"

Press HOME to exit and return to the HOME screen

How to top up using your in-home display

If you aren't able to top up from your prepayment meter, you can top up your meter directly from your in-home device. You will need the top up code from the top up receipt:


Use the right arrow to scroll to "top up account"

Press OK 

Choose your fuel type

Enter your top up code by using the right arrow to scroll through numbers 0-9, pressing OK to select each number

(Use the left arrow to go back one digit if you need to)

When you're finished press OK to submit the code

You'll receive confirmation that the code has been accepted or rejected.

When your top up is accepted you will see the top up amount displayed in the centre of your in-home display

Safety Notice

Please read these safety precautions before you use your in-home display. It might be worth bookmarking this page in case you need to refer to this information again. 

Your smart in-home display is designed for indoor use in dry environments. Don't expose to excessive moisture. Disconnect before cleaning and don't immerse in water or other liquids. Use a soft, dry cloth to clean the display. If the display gets wet, turn it off, disconnect it and dry it out completely before switching it back on.

Avoid dropping, excessive shock or vibration.

To protect the environment, please don't dispose of this product in your household waste at the end of its life. Please take it to a recycling centre for disposal.

Don't attempt to open, repair or service any part of your smart in-home display yourself. If the device appears to be faulty please contact us.

Supervise young children if they use the smart in-home display.

This display contains a lithium-ion battery. Don't dispose of it in a fire, expose it to excessive heat or attempt to puncture it.

RoHS compliant. The product complies with RoHS regulations.

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