In-Home Display IHD6

A quick glance at your display tells you how much energy you're using and what it's costing you.

Energy Usage Dial - See your energy usage at a glance, electricity is yellow and gas is blue

Numeric Display - See your energy usage and costs in numbers

Budget Indicator - The budget line indicates your personally set budget

Energy Usage Time Period - Scroll between right now, today, this week or this month

Home Button - Return to the home screen

Menu Button - Access to functions

Getting Started with your In-Home Display


Tap here to go back to the main screen and see your usage so far today. You can also use it to cancel what you're doing


Settings - options to connect to Wifi, change sounds and alerts and change the layout of the Home Screen. 

Budget - Option to set a daily, weekly or monthly budget so you can track and control your usage.

So Far Today 

Press this button to change the time period displayed on the screen. Choose between so far today, so far this week, so far this month or 'Now' which shows you how much energy is being used at that moment (great for seeing how much power-hungry appliances are using).


When they appear, use the left and right arrows to scroll through the options displayed

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Your new in-home display comes with a touch screen to make navigation easy and familiar

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Setting a budget means you can keep an eye on how much energy your using, compared to normal. You can set a daily, week or even monthly budget. Don't worry though, the budget on your in-home display is a guide only; you're not going to be cut off if you go over!


Setting a Budget

Press Menu then use the arrows until you find 'Budget'



Choose Gas or Electricity (the budgets are set separately) and press Change 

Press 'Day' to choose the time frame - daily, weekly or monthly budget

Use the + and - buttons to change your budget (in pounds and pence).


When your happy, press 'Set' and 'OK' to confirm 

You can go back and make changes at any time. See how you get on and make adjustments as you get to know your in-home display

Getting the most out of your device

Your in-home display can help you understand how, when and where you use energy in your home. You can make informed choices about how to be more energy-efficient and save money.

As your in-home display has a built-in rechargeable battery and connects wirelessly to your smart meter, you can walk around your home and investigate what your appliances cost to run and where you can make savings. Generally, you'll find that things containing a heating element can be more expensive to run: tumble dryers and fan heaters for example. But don't just take our word for it, you've now got all the tools you need to check it out yourself.

Press the SO FAR TODAY button until you get to the NOW option to see your instant electricity use. Turn each appliance on and off and see how much your costs change. You can determine approximately how much electricity each appliance uses.

We have some helpful advice on energy efficiency here.

Safety Notice

Please read these safety precautions carefully before using your Smart In-Home Display

Designed for indoor use only.


Do not expose to excessive moisture. Don’t immerse in water or other liquids. If the display gets wet, disconnect it, turn it off and dry completely before turning it back on.


Switch off your in-home display before cleaning



Avoid dropping, excessive shock or vibration



Please don’t attempt any modification or repair of your Smart In-Home Display. In case of an issue with your in-home display, please contact us

Please use only the power adaptor supplied with your In-Home Display


Always supervise children using the in-home display



Your in-home display contains a lithium-ion battery. Don’t expose to heat, attempt to puncture it or dispose of it in fire



RoHS Compliant. This product is compliant with RoHS regulations 

Disposal of your in-home display- at the end of its life, please do not leave the device in your household waste. Please take it to a recycling centre to dispose of it


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