Workplace Charging

Having a vehicle charging point at work is incredibly convenient. It's a great resource for your staff, your fleet, your visitors and your customers. It demonstrates your company's commitment to making a difference.

And Octopus Energy Services can get you and your business plugged in and ready to go. We're installing charge points into office locations, car parks, and anywhere where electric vehicles can be parked, across the country. 

Getting charging points installed in workplaces is something that the Government is encouraging employers to get behind: the Office for Low Emission Vehicles' Workplace Charging Scheme, can reduce the cost of installation by up to 75%.

We've got a team of EV Chargepoint installers and experts who can advise you about the best way to take advantage of government grants, and help you to design and install charging solutions that best serve your business, your employees, and your customers.


Why choose Octopus?

We’ll help you choose the right charging solution for your business, and help you find the best energy solution too, all backed by 100% renewable electricity. Our team are dedicated to delivering great charging solutions, great service and great support.

EV charge point. Photo Credit: Catarina Jansson from Unsplash

Guiding you through the Workplace Charging Scheme

The government's Workplace Charging Scheme is a voucher-based scheme designed to provide eligible applicants with support towards the upfront costs of the purchase and installation of EV charging points. The scheme enables support of up  to 75% of the purchase and installation costs, up to a maximum of £350 for each socket, for a a maximum of 40 chargers across all sites for each applicant.

The application form can be accessed here.

The voucher will be valid for 6 months from the date of issue.

Once we've installed your charging point(s), we will then claim the grant from OLEV on your behalf.

How it works

Our team of experts can help you every step of the way. We'll guide you thorugh the key phases of getting chargepoints installed at your workplace:

Hardware Spec
EV charge point.png
  • We'll carry out a Site Survey & Electrical Inspection

  • Capacity and energy Consumption Profiling

  • Charging Capability and Aesthetic Requirements

Workplace Charging Scheme grant application

  • You complete your application

  • This will generate your voucher

  • We’ll submit evidence of installation and claims grant

  • You confirm claim information

  • We collect grant on your behalf

Installation process

  • We get approval from your Distribution Network Operator (DNO) for installation

  • Risk Assessment and Approval from Site Landlord

  • Installation of Chargers

  • Install and energise your chargepoint

  • Declaration of the installation costs and provision of photographic evidence

If you're looking to get EV chargers installed in your business, get in touch and we can get things moving