We have implemented a number of COVID-19 measures to keep you and us safe during your appointment. Click here to find out more or here to read our risk assessment
COVID-19 and your appointment

Booked your smart meter appointment?

Here's everything you need to know

We’re here to talk you through the smart meter installation process! Here's everything you need to know in the run-up, during, and after your appointment. If you’ve booked an appointment - congratulations! - you’re a step closer to greener, more convenient metering, and you’ll soon have access to our revolutionary smart tariffs too.


Prior to the Appointment: 

By now you’ll have had an email from us to confirm your appointment time and date. Here are a few things you need to know prior to your appointment.

  • There will need to be an adult over the age of 18 in the house for the duration of your appointment.

  • We’ll also need to turn off your electricity for around 45 mins just to be safe.

  • Overall, your meter installation can take a couple of hours. It usually takes less time than that, but we advise you to allow four hours in case of any complications.

  • The engineer will need clear access to your meters, so make sure they’re not in any locked cupboards!

Please get in touch via hello@octopus.energy to let us know if anybody in the household is vulnerable or has any disabilities so our engineers can plan extra support as required.

We’ll send you a text or email to remind you of your appointment nearer the time, and we’ll call or text on the day to let you know we’re on our way.

What to expect during the appointment:

COVID-19 Measures

  • Your engineer will maintain a social distance of 2m at all times

  • They will have PPE, including a face mask to use inside

  • They have antiviral wipes to clean any equipment they touch (including new equipment)

  • Please leave internal doors open and make sure the work area is well ventilated

  • You will receive a new "in-home display" unit. As a hands-on demo of this isn't possible, use these pages to learn about it and ask your engineer any questions that come up

  • You don't need offer tea or coffee! Our octo-engineers will be fully refreshed already (thanks anyway!)

  • We've created a full risk assessment. You can read it here

During your appointment, our octo-engineers won't just install your smart meter. They'll also explain how to use your In-home display; advise you on how your smart meter can help you use energy more efficiently, as well as answer any questions you may have.

They will also take your old meter readings and note them down on your smart meter guide.


What to expect after the appointment:

After your appointment, it can take up to two weeks to connect to your meter

2 weeks

Once your meters are fully connected, you’ll see your smart meter data in both your online account under “your meters”, and on your in-home display. If they aren’t there yet, it means we’re still busy connecting. If it’s been longer than 14 days, get in touch by emailing hello@octopus.energy.

Before we receive your meter technical details from the engineer, you may receive an email asking for a meter reading. You don’t need to do anything if you get this email, as your final meter reading from your old meter will have been taken by your engineer. All this means is that we haven’t received the readings from them yet.

After your smart meter has been connected...

You'll be eligible for revolutionary smart tariffs:

  • AgileOctopus has half-hourly energy prices, giving customers super-cheap power when there's lots of renewable electricity available to use up, and no one around to use it. Sometimes, customers even get paid to use energy. Seriously.

  • OctopusGO is a tariff for electric vehicle owners, offering a super-cheap rate for four hours each night, so drivers can charge up for next to nothing during off-peak times.

  • OutgoingOctopus is the UK's first ever smart 'export' tariff for customers who generate energy at home. If you have solar panels, we’ll pay you for the green energy you pump back into the grid.

If you've already registered your interest in a smart tariff, we'll be in touch once your meters are connected to complete your switch. You can read up on how this is part of our plan for a more balanced, renewable grid.


FYI - we take great pride in our work and of course, safety is our number one priority. Therefore we might want to arrange a visit to check our work and make sure everything is tip-top.

Learn how to take advantage of your smart meter for maximum energy efficiency!

Your smart meter will allow you to keep a close eye on the energy you are using. Find more energy efficiency tips that will have a real impact on your wallet and the environment, or watch this video for some quick tips!